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What is TV 14 on Disney Plus?

The TV-14 rating is an age-appropriate content rating that indicates a show is unsuitable for children under 14. These programs often contain strong coarse language, highly suggestive dialogue, intense violence or intense sexual situations.

Disney+ recently improved their parental controls to allow parents to restrict what their kids watch on the platform based on age group and rating. It also introduces features like profile PINs and “kiddproof exit.”

What is the TV-14 rating?

The TV-14 rating is a type of rating used by the Motion Picture Association of America to assess whether or not a movie or show is suitable for children. For parents, this can be cause for alarm as it often indicates intense sexual situations, violence, and coarse language that many would deem inappropriate.

Disney Plus provides parents with features to manage the content their children can watch on the platform. One such option is setting up a profile with a specific rating, such as PG-13 or TV-14.

These ratings provide parents with a valuable tool to keep their kids safe while watching movies and shows on Disney Plus. Utilizing these filters will enable you to avoid content with strong sexual scenes, coarse language, or violence that may not be suitable for your child.

Disney Plus currently offers two types of content rated TV-14: movies and shows. While these are mainly targeted at teens and adults, some younger programs can also be watched.

In addition to these, there are also cartoons and animated movies suitable for children of all ages. Popular examples include shows like The Lion King and Pixar’s Toy Story.

Parents who are worried about the type of content their kids are exposed to on social media should take heart, as these programs usually feature positive moral messages and life lessons that can be beneficial for young viewers. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of movies and shows rated TV-14 that may not be appropriate for younger viewers.

Netflix Marvel show Moon Knight is expected to have a TV-14 rating, making it suitable for kids 14 and older who are accompanied by an adult. This marks a shift from their previous standard setting which was R and TV-MA.

How does it affect Disney Plus?

The TV 14 rating is a regulatory tool designed to safeguard children from inappropriate content on television. Broadcasters and streaming services must abide by this classification system in order to remain compliant.

The rating system is intended to safeguard children from violent scenes, sexually explicit content and coarse language. It helps parents make informed decisions about what their kids should watch with them.

When watching a show, the TV 14 label typically appears at the top right corner. For programs that last more than an hour, this label may appear twice or more.

TV-14-rated shows are typically suitable for children aged 14 or older, though there are exceptions. For instance, television networks might use a TV-14-rated show to attract older viewers who appreciate more mature themes like crime dramas or political thrillers.

Disney+ subscribers have several options for controlling what content appears on the platform. First, select a profile setting; then, you may be asked to set parental controls.

On your profile settings page, you have several new content options to choose from: either the regular profile (for adults) or a kids profile (for kids under 18). The former contains all of Disney+’s younger content while the latter occasionally shows and movies from Disney Junior or Disney Channel.

On Disney+, you can select TV-MA and R-rated content. The first R-rated Disney+ entry is Deadpool, set for release July 22.

Disney Plus recently added another exciting show to their library – Glee Club! Marking Disney’s move towards more mature content that was previously only found on Hulu, this musical dramedy stars Matthew Morrison as high school teacher Will Schuester and promises to delight viewers of all ages.

What is the difference between TV-14 and PG-13?

Disney Plus provides a parental control feature called TV-14 Rating, which helps parents determine which shows are suitable for their kids. This rating is similar to PG-13 on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services.

The difference between these ratings is that PG-13 applies to theatrical releases, while TV-14 applies to TV broadcasting. Parents often worry that some of the content in these shows may be too mature for their children.

In essence, the TV-14 rating serves to inform parents that a program may contain some content which is deemed unsuitable for children under 14. These shows often have strong language, intense sexual situations and violent scenes that should not be watched by young viewers.

PG-13 is more of a movie rating, while TV-14 is used by most cable network channels, broadcast networks and some streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Disney+.

Parents often find that the content in these programs is unsuitable for their children and should be avoided at all costs. This is because excessive exposure can have an adverse effect on your child’s mental health.

Therefore, you should ensure you set up parental controls on your television so you can monitor what is viewed onscreen. These can usually be accessed through the V-chip found in most modern televisions and set-top boxes.

Parental guidelines and a V-chip are all you need to guarantee your children don’t see content that is inappropriate for their age group. Furthermore, these devices can help block shows or programs you believe may be unsafe for them.

It can be especially helpful when your child has grown old enough to watch these types of shows and movies, yet is still young enough that any influences could negatively impact their development or behavior.

Disney+ subscribers will have access to additional features that make signing up easier, such as adding PINs to profiles and kid-proof exit options. Furthermore, subscribers have the ability to change their profile content ratings from TV-14 to TV-MA when opening the app for the first time on or after March 16.

How do I change the TV-14 rating on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus boasts an expansive library, but not everything is rated or intended for children. That is why Disney Plus asks you to update your parental controls after opening the service for the first time.

Parents are concerned about what their kids might experience from viewing Netflix Marvel TV shows like Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist on Disney Plus. These intense and violent shows are not suitable for all ages.

Disney is encouraging users to change their rating from TV-14 (which is somewhat restricted) to TV-MA. This will enable adults to enjoy the more mature content being added to Disney Plus while protecting children from such material.

To do this, open the Disney Plus app and navigate to Profiles. Then click EDIT PROFILES and select which profile you would like to alter the content rating for.

Once you’ve done that, you will be asked to create a PROFILE PIN so other members of your household cannot access the account and alter its settings. After doing so, you can rate all other profiles on your account accordingly.

Alternatively, you can opt to keep the content rating at TV-14 and make the change later. That way, your kids can still watch what they need while having the option to access more adult-rated material on Disney Plus in the future.

Disney Plus provides mature content while keeping children safe from more violent or sexually explicit material. However, it’s essential to note that if you choose to alter the rating for your family members, then this must be done on each profile on Disney+.

Once you’ve changed your content rating, Disney+ will display a message notifying you of the change. Additionally, an email notification will be sent to you as confirmation.

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