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What is the Spooky Cipher in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go players are enjoying the latest Halloween event in the game, which offers double candy, Giratina to battle in legendary raids, and a surprise Special Research quest. A Spooky Message Unmasked involves two pages of Special Research tasks that reward you with Spiritomb – a ghost/dark type Pokemon.

These Field Research tasks are scrambled, with some text missing. To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to determine what the missing letters are and which task they require you to complete.

What are the spooky cipher field research tasks?

The mysterious Cipher is an exclusive set of field research tasks available to trainers worldwide in the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn event. They showcase the developer’s ability to craft captivating new content within this popular mobile gaming app.

These mysterious ciphers are one of the more challenging Field Research tasks you can complete in the game. Unlocking them requires spinning PokeStops in Hoenn region and feeding 108 berries to a Spiritomb.

Though this task may appear impossible, it is possible with patience and some luck. Thankfully, there are plenty of helpful guides online that can guide you in the right direction and make the process much smoother.

No matter how you choose to tackle it, these exciting new field research quests in this game promise plenty of entertainment!

It should be noted that these mysterious ciphers only appear during the Hoenn event, so now is the perfect time to start on your path towards becoming a Pokemon master. The rewards will be worth all the effort, providing one of the most thrilling experiences in app history!

What are the spooky cipher field research tasks for?

Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn is now live around the world, allowing players to engage with all new Field Research and Spooky Cipher Field Research tasks available during this event. These events offer trainers extra rewards from Pokemon and unique avatar items while they take on various challenges.

Spooky Cipher Field Research tasks offer an exciting spin on traditional field research assignments. In PokeStops, you’ll be presented with a puzzle to solve but the full solution won’t be revealed until you figure out which letters are missing from your screen text.

Similar to many field research tasks, the spooky cipher will present you with a challenge that must be completed in order to unlock its reward. These challenges tend to be harder than usual ones and could even give you the chance of encountering a Gen 3 Ghost-type Pokemon as your reward!

Experience the thrills of cipher field research by spinning PokeStops during this event. Those who complete them will have their Primal Surge changed, affecting how many Raid Battles spawn from each Primal Pokemon for an allotted amount of time during this special occasion.

At GO Tour: Hoenn, there are four unique crypter field research puzzles to collect. But they all share one thing in common: some of the text on your screen has been blocked out so that it’s difficult to read what it says. Thanks to redditor Amiibofan101 for alerting us about these new puzzles!

In addition to the mysterious cipher, Go Tour: Hoenn offers several other exciting Field Research and event tasks for you to complete. Some will be straightforward while others require some trial-and-error, so keep an eye out for them all.

For both Global and Las Vegas versions of Go Tour: Hoenn event, make sure to test them out as much as possible. Our guides to field research tasks related to Hoenn and spooky cipher will give you more information on their operation as well as rewards if completed successfully.

Crypher field research are an exciting addition to the Go Tour: Hoenn event and are a great opportunity for players to earn some new Pokemon while playing this weekend! To solve these puzzles, teams must work together in order to decipher what letters appear on screen – rewarding you with an encounter with a Gen 3 Ghost-type Pokemon! They’re loads of fun to solve and will serve as great bonuses for those looking to boost their Collection Challenge totals!

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