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What is Amazon Digital Service?

Amazon Prime members may already be familiar with some of their digital services. These include Kindle, Prime Video and Audible.

These services offer various advantages and can save you money. However, it’s essential to be aware of what you’re paying for before committing to a subscription.

Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best streaming services, boasting an expansive library of movies and TV shows. Additionally, it provides original content such as critically acclaimed series like The Boys and The Man in the High Castle.

Prime Video is accessible both on the web and as an app for Android or iOS devices. The latter offers a more user-friendly experience than its browser version, with plenty of customization options to suit your viewing style.

The service’s on-demand library boasts a vast selection of films, from blockbusters and recent releases to family favorites, classic films, and niched down genres. While some titles can be rented at an extra fee, most are included as part of your subscription.

Prime Video offers a vast library of movies and TV shows, as well as live sporting events. Plus, it provides access to ad-free channels like HBO, Showtime, STARZ plus several third-party subscriptions that extend ad-free streaming capabilities beyond what your Prime Video membership already provides.

Prime Video stands out from other streaming services with X-Ray, which provides real-time information on cast members and music playing in movies and shows. You can scroll up to view cast details, background info, and trivia for a given show or movie.

Prime Video’s interface may not be as visually appealing as Netflix or Hulu’s, but it is much easier to use than most other streaming services. Plus, the site suggests titles based on your viewing history and does a good job at suggesting content you might enjoy.

Prime Video is accessible on a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions. It provides various video quality options depending on the device you use and you can download some content for offline viewing too.

Prime Video boasts an impressive library of original content, boasting more than 200 series and movies available to stream on the site. This number surpasses Hulu’s collection but falls short to Netflix’s. If you’re into superhero drama or comedies, Amazon Prime Video should definitely be checked out!


Amazon’s Kindle is an acclaimed eReader that can be used for reading a wide selection of books. Although it may seem simple enough, the device boasts several useful features worth exploring.

One of the primary advantages Kindles provide is convenience. It’s lightweight and slim, meaning it fits easily into purses or backpacks while storing as many books as desired.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to highlight passages in a book and have the Kindle compile them into an accessible document. This way, you can look up words or phrases without having to dig through an extensive dictionary.

You can use your Kindle to take screenshots of any page in your book, making it easier to locate and reference specific sections, as well as sharing it online with others.

Some Kindle models can play video, too, so you can watch your favorite films or TV shows while on-the-go. But this requires a Wi-Fi connection; models such as the Kindle Touch, Keyboard, Oasis and Paperwhite all support streaming video content.

The Kindle Paperwhite is ideal for this task, as it can be connected to your laptop or tablet via USB cable and features an adjustable in-built screen light that adjusts automatically according to daylight. This helps avoid straining your eyes during extended reading sessions.

Some Kindle models can read a variety of file types, including PDFs and Audibles. To do this, download an Amazon application that will sync the file with your Kindle.

You can read your document directly on the device or transfer it to your computer and print out. Furthermore, you are able to transfer many other types of file through Amazon’s email service.

Kindles are a popular choice among readers due to their affordability and variety of shapes and sizes available. For instance, the Kindle Paperwhite can fit in your pocket while the Oasis is water-resistant with a USB-C port. Plus, you can get Kindles with cellular modems for even greater versatility.

Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a cloud storage service that enables users to store files online and access them from multiple devices. It’s ideal for those who want to keep their data safe and secure.

Amazon Drive is not only a storage service, but also offers users file backup and management. Its user-friendly interface makes uploading, sharing, and archiving your files effortless.

This service is accessible worldwide and can be accessed from mobile devices, desktops and tablets. As a tier-based cloud storage provider, it offers limited free space for photos and videos.

Amazon Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services, perfect for storing photos, video, and files. With both a mobile app and web browser client available to upload files quickly and easily, this cloud storage service has something to suit everyone’s needs.

Amazon Prime members enjoy a free service that’s compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as Fire TV, Fire Tablet, and Echo Spot.

Amazon Drive is renowned for its reliability and speed as a cloud storage provider. It makes an ideal choice for those who take photos frequently and want to store them safely online.

If you’re searching for a cloud storage solution with plenty of features and tools, Google Drive could be worth considering. It’s better suited to companies since it comes with an integrated suite of business tools as well as more security options than Amazon Drive does.

However, for non-corporate users looking to store personal files online, Drive isn’t the ideal option. It lacks essential features like an SLA and versioning.

Although its web interface is somewhat lacking, its desktop and mobile applications offer plenty of useful tools for managing your files. For instance, the desktop app enables one-off uploads, searches for files, and creating folders – all from one convenient location!

However, the desktop client doesn’t provide a preview of your files and if you attempt to open one from within the app, it will direct you to an external browser portal for an image preview. While these omissions are not major issues, they do indicate that this service is less user-friendly than other cloud storage solutions.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music offers an expansive catalog of features to satisfy any music taste. It boasts everything from top hits to obscure indie songs, making it the perfect option for music discovery enthusiasts.

The service offers a personalized homepage with recommendations based on your listening habits and the music saved to your library. These aren’t intrusive, however; rather, they help you discover new artists and songs.

It also offers features like Spatial Audio and an integrated equalizer. Furthermore, it can identify songs by their unique identifiers and track information.

Amazon Music not only offers an extensive selection of popular music, but it also allows users to download content for offline listening. This is especially useful for those who travel frequently or can’t connect online frequently.

Streaming bitrates are impressive, thanks to support for high-resolution lossless audio and Dolby Atmos sound. Furthermore, the app includes ‘X-ray’ – an intriguing feature which provides interesting information about a song or artist.

Amazon Music is an increasingly popular music streaming service thanks to its impressive catalog and wide range of premium subscription options.

Amazon Music app is accessible on desktops, smartphones and tablets. It’s user-friendly with a customizable sidebar for fast content discovery.

Though not quite at Spotify’s level of customization, the app does provide some useful features for listeners. These include a Home page that highlights frequently played tracks and suggests discoveries, My Soundtrack (an automatically created radio station playlist), and the option to watch music videos directly within the app.

You can download music, albums and playlists for offline listening. These can easily be transferred to other devices like Apple Music or Spotify with a third-party app.

The service also has a dedicated podcast section that features various shows and genres. While the selection may not be as expansive as other services, it’s still an excellent way to stay abreast of industry developments and gain insight into your favorite artists.

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