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What Gas Stations Take Apple Pay?

Gas stations that take Apple Pay are an excellent way to save money on gasoline. Plus, they make your life simpler by allowing you to fill up without needing cash on hand.

Unfortunately, not all gas stations accept Apple Pay; thus, it is essential to double-check the policy at your location before making a purchase.


Apple Pay offers a fast, convenient way to make purchases without using cash or credit cards. It does this by sending a secure payment token via NFC technology when your device is held near a contactless reader at checkout – this token is unique for that transaction and cannot be reused, making it more secure than other payment methods.

Arco gas stations are one of the best places to use Apple Pay. With over 1,300 locations throughout America, Arco has become a go-to choice for many who seek convenience and value-priced fuel at reasonable prices.

The company provides a range of other services like car washes and repairs. It also sells snacks and drinks, as well as having ATM access.

Arco gas stations accept Apple Pay on iPhone or iPad devices with an Apple Wallet compatible with your card of choice. Linking your debit or credit card to your Apple Wallet makes the process incredibly straightforward; just tap away at the pump or inside the store using Apple Pay!

To determine whether a gas station accepts Apple Pay, open the Maps app on your smartphone and search for the location. Once located, tap “Useful to Know,” which will provide details as to whether they accept Apple Pay or not.

Apple Pay is not just accepted at the pump, but for any purchase made inside their stores as well. This can be particularly helpful for those without enough cash or credit cards to cover all their gas expenses. Furthermore, those who travel often and are on a budget will find this method of payment beneficial.

Circle K

Circle K is the leading gas station and convenience store chain in America with more than 4,600 locations nationwide. Additionally, it has more than 1,300 locations internationally – both licensed and joint venture stores included.

Apple Pay at Circle K offers a convenient way to pay for your gasoline purchase without needing to swipe a card. All that’s necessary is holding your iPhone near the contactless reader and letting it complete the payment with either Touch ID or Face ID.

Circle K accepts cash, debit cards and gift cards as well. With a debit card you may even earn rewards when spending at the store!

Apple Pay can be used at gas stations with an iPhone running iOS 8.1 or later and a credit or debit card linked to your Apple ID. Furthermore, the phone must be unlocked so you can make the payment.

Once all these items are ready, all that remains for you to do is open Apple Maps and locate the location where you plan to visit. Clicking the icon that reads “Useful to Know” will bring up a helpful information panel.

This will let you know if Apple Pay is accepted at the location. If it is, it will indicate so and inform you if you need to unlock your iPhone to make payment.

Apple Pay can be used for payments at any location that accepts contactless transactions, making it safe, user-friendly and secure – plus faster and more convenient than using a credit card.


ExxonMobil, the world’s largest publicly traded oil company, has announced that 6,000 of its gas stations across America will accept Apple Pay – making them the first major fuel station company to do so.

Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Shell have joined forces to enable customers to pay with their mobile phones through the gas station’s app. All that’s required for customers to do is hold their device near or over the contactless reader on the pump for payment.

ExxonMobil is taking a unique approach to technology, instead of using it as the ubiquitous tap-and-pay method that has become so commonplace in stores and apps. They will instead rely on your phone’s location and their own app for payment processing. This new service will initially be available at more than 6,000 of their gasoline stations; ExxonMobil plans to expand this number significantly in the near future.

ExxonMobil may see this move as a positive step, but customers have come to expect NFC-friendly card readers at every gas pump. Furthermore, it could potentially damage Apple Pay’s reputation for convenience and security.

Casey’s General Store

Apple Pay has made it simpler than ever for consumers to purchase goods and services with just the tap of your phone. Gas stations and convenience stores can benefit from this technology in that many large chain gas station establishments now accept payments through it.

Casey’s General Store, a popular gas station and convenience store chain, recently began accepting apple pay at all 2147 locations. Furthermore, they introduced the BPme app which makes connecting your phone to their Apple Pay system much simpler at each location.

Casey’s gas stations not only offer premium gas at competitive prices, but they are also a destination for groceries and snacks. Their menu includes hot sandwiches, pizza slices, salad bars, and other amenities.

Casey’s sells cigarettes like most convenience stores, but unlike their rivals they strive to ensure customers get a great deal. This is especially true for smokers who often pay higher prices due to state tax laws and manufacturer fees than non-smokers due to state tax laws and manufacturer fees.

They invest a great deal of effort into their hedging program, which protects them against fluctuations in gas and other commodities prices. This helps them make more money while keeping costs low.

Casey’s General Stores have become successful businesses in rural America by offering convenient places for people to buy food, drinks and other essential items while also contributing to the health of the communities where they operate.

Casey’s General Stores not only provide essential items to local residents, but they are an important source of employment and income as well. Yet there remain numerous unanswered questions regarding how Casey’s General Stores affect rural communities and their health.

Phillips 66

Phillips 66 (NYSE: PXD) is an independent downstream energy company that produces various fuels and chemicals. Its refining business has the capacity to refine 2.2 million barrels of oil daily, making it the second-largest independent refiner behind Valero Energy (NYSE: VLO).

The company operates a midstream business which collects, processes, transports, fractionates and markets natural gas and non-gas liquids; additionally it transports crude to its refineries. Finally, it runs the largest branded aviation fuel business in America.

At December 31, 2017, the company had a market cap of $45 billion and was one of Berkshire Hathaway’s (BRK.A 1.38%) top holdings with more than 80 million shares outstanding. Its stock has an attractive dividend yield of 5%, and its share price has increased seven times since its spinoff from ConocoPhillips in 2012.

To use Apple Pay at a Phillips 66 gas station, open the Phillips 66 app on your iPhone or iPad and click on the Payments tab to select your preferred payment option. Afterward, select which location and pump you wish to visit.

You may opt to use either your Kickback Rewards Card or Phillips 66 Credit Card, both of which are accepted at most U-Stop locations and loaded into the app. With these cards, you’re able to check your balance, make payments, and manage all of your credit card accounts from one convenient place.

Phillips 66 has announced the availability of their service, “Pay It Mobile Networks,” which offers an ACH-based mobile payments system for merchants with fees that are 50% to 90% lower than other transaction types and guarantees approved transactions. Through this partnership, customers can enjoy lower costs when paying at their gas stations across America.

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