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With our AI voice changer, you can take a raw home recording and transform it into studio-quality voice over. Plus, you can use it on most communication or gaming platforms such as Discord, Fortnite, and Valorant.

Voice AI can automate many customer support tasks, freeing agents from repetitive duties and improving customer experience.

1. Set up your account

Voice AI is an AI-powered voice changer that lets you transform your own audio into an amazing AI voice for Discord. It’s a straightforward and free tool that works on any Windows desktop.

This device isn’t just for voice chat; it also produces more realistic-sounding text-to-speech (TTS) effects for various video games and apps. You can use it to transform your voice to match that of a particular character in games such as Among Us, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, CS:GO and League of Legends.

To take advantage of all the features offered by this app, you must set up your account. This involves configuring an authentication profile, creating a Voice AI channel and installing the Voice AI Desktop app which captures audio streams from your agent desktop and routes them for further processing.

The Voice AI channel also enables intelligent guidance, or case and knowledge article suggestions generated based on a customer call. These suggestions are displayed in the Interaction Portal for CSRs to review.

For a more technical solution, voice AI can be utilized to create an “smart” virtual assistant that can be accessed by phone, email, or chat. This AI provides useful information and even suggestions as to which actions should be taken next.

This can be a great way to save time when trying to get customers to respond to your messages. In addition to aiding with case resolution, AI also suggests ways to reduce customer wait times, enhance the customer experience, and keep agents updated about new product developments.

2. Create a project

Voice AI can be leveraged in a variety of applications. From advertising campaign videos to customer support IVRs, a voice-powered bot will help you engage your customers in new ways that will boost conversions and generate additional revenue.

In today’s digital world, customers have adopted a habit of self-serving inquiries and requests through their phones. That is why having an effective and intelligent customer support system is so critical for helping your customers efficiently resolve their queries.

Artificial intelligence voice support is one of the best ways to provide customer support and get their feedback on your service level. With AI voice technology, customers can ask their questions and receive an instant reply – helping answer questions quickly, improve customer satisfaction levels and boost profits at the same time!

When creating your AI voice project, you can draw upon a range of open-source projects and libraries created by developers around the world. Examples include Scikit-learn, which offers an effortless way to incorporate machine learning into applications.

Scikit-learn libraries can assist you in training your voice models and applying them to real world scenarios. As this library is open source and available from their website, you can directly access it from any application that you are creating.

Create a custom voice that matches your original recording by uploading some sample or source material and training the model on it. This can be especially helpful for businesses that require multiple voices or customers who don’t speak English fluently.

Voice AI technology boasts another key benefit, being able to recognize both user words and surrounding sounds. This means it will pick up on both the message sent via phone connection as well as any ambient sounds like horns or announcements that may be present.

3. Upload your voice files makes uploading voice recordings from your smartphone, tablet or computer a breeze. Simply log in and click ‘Import Files’ to begin uploading your files in WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF and AIFF audio formats as well as video files in AVI, RMVB, FLV and MOV format.

Voice artificial intelligence works on the same principle as most AI-based solutions: neural networks replicate neurons in a human brain to read and analyse words, break it down to individual letters, then match them according to what was written by the user. Since noises like horns or announcements may be heard in the background, this information is also picked up by the system and further broken down for accuracy. This helps improve customer service, make best use of staff resources, and enhance communication efforts overall.

4. Set up your environment

Voice AI has the potential to do almost anything – from deliver content efficiently and quickly, to offering advanced customer support capabilities for an edge. What’s best of all? It doesn’t sound too robotic or impersonal, giving customers a reason to engage with you and boost conversions.

Voice AI models that mimic human brain neurons and identify relevant data to answer your query are considered the best voice models. They do this by reading sentences and breaking them down into individual words using syntactic and semantic analysis, plus they detect background noises like horns or announcements and separate them from your message to increase its chances of finding a good match. All these tasks are accomplished thanks to AI’s neural network and well-trained model.

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