The New iPad — Your Current Tablet is Now Old, Get a New One

The New iPad

The New iPad

The New iPad comes out tomorrow – are you in line yet?

Although I love gadgets and new technology, I am getting a little freaked out by this disposable culture we have. We all know the guy, and maybe you are that guy, who always gets the latest Apple device the day it comes out so he’s not a day out of sync with the hottest thing. And when I say “guy” I’m not just referring to dudes, I just use “guy” to describe a person – male or female – but I digress…

Ya know, it’s great ‘n all if you have the money – hell, do whatever you want with it. It’s just interesting to think of the evolution of computers from being these monster machines that you paid a lot of money for and kept for years and years to these amazing little hand-held devices (much more powerful than the aforementioned machines), which are treated as disposable as walkie-talkies from the 80s.

Maybe I sound like Andy Rooney going on one of his famous 60 Minutes rants about “Why are there so many kinds of apples in the grocery store?” But seriously, doesn’t this seem a bit off to anyone else?

Especially when you consider how the Apple products, for example, are quality and don’t crap out on you. Anyone still have an original iPad? Yep, those bad-boys still work great. Maybe I’m cranky, or maybe I’m tired of just seeing current devices slightly modified to be “better.” Perhaps I’ll perk up when we see the next “new” really new thing to come out of the gadget world.

That’s about all I wanted to say today, let me know what you think. In the meantime, have you seen Funny or Die’s iPad review? If not, watch it now. “Your old iPad will look like a real jenky piece of shit compared to this one.”

Please discuss.