Are your hacking skills up to speed?

If I weren’t taking 17 credits this semester I’d actually research this project just for grins & giggles. I’m intrigued. Anyone who knows me IRL knows I adore Chrome.

My boy Christiaan Conover might be up for the challenge LOL

In other news…

I recently learned about the fun & joy of using Wireshark to packet sniff last week. I just now learned about Firesheep and the hazards of packet sniffing in an open Wi-Fi environment (ie, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, any unsecured network…) – your stuff can potentially be hijacked by an unscrupulous Firesheep script kitty

which means you can add another line defense if you are using Firefox (which I hate, so I’m actually not worried yet)…

Confused? Initially, I was too. Sorry. Read here.

Okay, back to class. I am about to slog a 5-Hour Energy and buckle down for some TCP/UDP protocol and think about the phở I may nom for lunch later after class.

~Roxy <3′s you!