104 Best Free Apps For Windows, Linux, and Mac

Web Browsers

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers available. It is fast, secure, and supports an insane number of add-ons and plug ins. Download Page

Opera Web Browser

The Opera Web Browser claims to be the fastest browser on Earth! With over 120 Million users, it is rapidly gaining popularity! Download Page

Google Chrome Web Browser

Google Chrome’s claim to fame is that it launches quickly and loads pages quickly. Chrome also allows you to search the web using the address bar as a search bar. Download Page

Safari Web Browser

Apple’s web browser, Safari, has innovative new features that improve the way you view the web. It is highly customizable and has a sizable user base. Download Page


Flock is an inovative web browser built specifically with social networking sites in mind. Flock has won several awards for this new take on the web browsing platform. Download Page


  • Epidemike

    I would definitely throw into the AV section Microsoft’s Security Essentials. Its free and its actually a very good AV. I know the joke about Microsoft and their on AV couldn’t catch a cold but that isnt the case anymore.

  • http://www.daviddsingleton.com David Singleton

    No Eclipse? Gotta add eclipse and fireFTP

  • http://www.techremedy.net Tom Duffy

    Eclipse isn’t an application though…it’s more of a collection of apps for developers. I will add fireFTP though…good call on that one.

  • Wayne

    I’m really impressed with Driver Max… Thanks for the suggestions, Tom.

  • http://slrman.wordpress.com James Smith

    For the Mac, there is Sophos anti-virus home addition (free) and ClamxAv (free) and iAntivirus. (also free)

    I have uses all three and currently, like the Sophos program the best. It is best upon a commercial pay program and seem to have a more sophisticated base code.