• Polite Sudo Alias – Geek Fun
    Do you ever get tired of typing “sudo” into your command line? It usually goes something like this: mkdir geek permission denied sudo mkdir geek It’s not that it is hard to type out “sudo”, but it’s not very fun. As far as command names go, it isn’t very exciting. So, I decided to write a nice sudo alias. My first instinct was to do something along the lines […]
  • My DIY Greenhouse For Extending Our Growing Season
    Side of DIY Greenhouse Today, we finished sealing up the greenhouse! Now we’ll be able to keep some plants growing during the winter and have a place to start seeds in early spring. So, you might be wondering what this has to do with technology.  Well, I’m going to tell you! This DIY project is only Phase 1 in a series of Phases.  The next phase is to incorp […]


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